Policy Support Research and Project Assistance

Policy support research

Informatization of the health welfare central to the citizens and support for the policy development

  • A broad range of research at the fundamental level is conducted in connection with the statistical data analysis of the policy research for health, welfare and social services, quality evaluation and all current issues, and these studies support the policy design of the health and welfare areas.

Evidence-based research utilizing the social security information

  • SSiS does the research and the analysis, the research of standardizing the social security information system, and the system operation, and prepares the future of the social security information.

Customized welfare support

: Excavation of the blind spots in the welfare and case management support

Realizing the welfare programs seamlessly to ensure that no neighbor is left behind from the welfare

  • The list of the people who are in the blind spots in the welfare is provided to the local governments by utilizing the information such as the households the which cannot use the electricities, the running water, and the LNG and even the delinquent of the health insurance premium.

The provision of the customized and the integrated services to the neighbors in trouble

  • The customized and the integrated welfare is supported by visiting towns and villages with the “Local Government Welfare Support Corps of Hopes” for the neighbors experiencing diverse difficulties based on the social security information system.
  • The “Central Welfare Support Corps of Hopes” excavates the blind spots in the welfare and connects them with resources of a private sector and then tries to activate both the integrated case management and cooperation. between the public sector and the private sector.


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