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Academic Background

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2018 Completed a doctoral course for the IT Policy and Management of Soongsil University
2002 Acquired a master's degree for Hospital Administration of Hanyang University
1978 Acquired a bachelor's degree in Busan National University

Major Career

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Jul. 17th, 2018 Inaugurated as President of the Social Security Information Service (SSiS)
2017 ~ 2018 Visiting professor in the department of Health Care Management, Woosong University
2017 Adjunct professor in Kwangwoon University Graduate School of Business Administration
2015 ~ 2017 Executive Director of planning in the SSiS
2012 ~ 2014 Director of planning in the Korea Veterans Health Service
2011 ~ 2012 Vice President of Administration in the VHS Medical Center
2006 ~ Director in the Korean Society of Hospital Management


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