CI and Characters

Introduction of the CI

  1. Gradation shows the special features of the institution pursuing the happy life of citizens with a circulation of the information.
  2. The blue color stands for “information”, the “credibility” of the information, and the “expertise” of SSIS.
  3. It shows bridge of hope, meaning that the role of SSIS is to connect the people with the benefits of the Social Security.
  4. It shows that a soft curve is linked, implying the “Connectivity” following after the alphabet as an bbreviation written in English. The alphabet represents that it delivers a concept of both “Network” and “Connect”, and thus SSIS is the only institutions dealing with health and welfare information simultaneously and information network for the happiness.

The “bridge of hopes” connoting the role of the social security

The CI of the Korea Social Security Information Service means the “trust,” “communication,” and the “hapiness of the citizens”.
The graphic elements connecting the start with the end of the word mark embodies the “bridge of hopes” to illustrate the intention of the strong SSiS to provide support for the happy life of the citizens.

CI Download

You can download the CI of Korea Social Security Information Service. The files contain the vertical logo, the horizontal logo, and address block configurations. The vertical and horizontal logo include different versions highlighting either the symbol or the wordmark. Please choose the most appropriate logo structure and pay careful attention to the wordmark's legibility before using them.

CI Vertical logo - Standard

Vertical logo - Standard

CI Horizontal logo - Standard

Horizontal logo - Standard



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