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Innovation Communication Office

Secretary Office

Audit and Inspection Office

Executive Director of Planning

  • Management and Planning Division

    • General Planning Affairs Dept.
    • Social Value Implementation Dept.
    • Human Resource Management Dept.
    • Safety Management Support Dept.
  • Healthcare Medical Division

    • Healthcare Planning and Strategy Dept.
    • Healthcare Information Dept.
    • Healthcare Standardization Dept.
  • Social Service and Child Care Division

    • Social Service and Child Care Planning Dept.
    • Financial Management Dept.
    • Social Service Information Dept.
    • Child Care Service Information Dept.
    • Service Monitoring Dept.
  • Customer Support Division

    • Customer Support Dept.
    • System Education Dept.
    • Portal Operation Dept.
  • Social Security Data Institute

    • Social Security Data Center
    • Information Analysis Research Center

Executive Directior of Information

  • Welfare Information Division

    • Integrated Eligibility Information Dept.
    • Specific Eligibility Information Dept.
    • Welfare Payment Management Dept.
    • Recipient Information Management Dept.
    • Government-wide Information Management Dept.
  • Welfare Safety Division

    • Case Management Policy Support Dept.
    • Elder Care Case Management Dept.
    • Welfare Facilities Information Dept.
    • Social Welfare Service Assetment Dept.
  • Information Protection Division

    • Information Protection Planning Dept.
    • Information Security Dept.
    • Personal Information Protection Center General Operation Dept.
  • Information Technology Division

    • Information Interconnection Dept.
    • System Infrastructure Dept.
    • Internal Information Management Dept.
  • Next Generation Development Division

    • Welfare Information Planning Dept.
    • Information Quality Dept.


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